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Apr 29, 2017

INTRODUCING MY NEW SHOW: FREDTalks Host Dr. Freddy Cardoza is launching an additional podcast soon called "Podcast Seminary" (as seen on the artwork for this podcast episode). 

Faith-related content like this will be featured on the new podcast.  Be one of the first to subscribe to the new show, and pass on the word! 



All people deal with fear from time to time.  But for men, the phenomenon of fear strikes at the epicenter of our hearts.  Fear threatens our sense of adequacy and produces profound emotions within us-- none of them good. 

In this promotional episode for Podcast Seminary, our new show, you will learn about the nature and psychology of fear.  Host Freddy Cardoza does an autopsy of the fear factor that rattles even the hardest of hardcore men among us.  If you're a man, this study is for you.  If you're a woman who cares about the men in your life, you'll want to listen and share this episode with others.

Those who listen to this podcast are challenged to FEAR(less) and to be FEAR(LESS)!



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