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Aug 14, 2015

What is God Like?  If God is anything, He is "loving."  In fact, God isn't only loving-- He is "love," personified.  His being emanates love through His great kindness toward all people, because God genuinely loves us.

God's love for us is in spite of our sometimes less than ideal behaviors and inconsistency.  Take some time to learn more about God's love by learning about God's character as told originally by the Apostle John.... the "disciple Jesus loved."  After all, who would know better than the one known as "the beloved?" 

We'll springboard from learning about God's love into deeper issues related to how God manifested His love most, which has been the person of Jesus Christ.  In this podcast, we will plunge deeply into some important theological ideas to remove the mystery and maximize the majesty of the great God of the Bible.